Playit Apk Download For Android Smartphones And Devices


Playit is a collection of video and audio players. Apart from that any video collections that the user wants could be downloaded easily with the Multitasking media player.

What is Playit?

The eyes and ears of the user of Playit apk will be pleased with the amazing experience. If once anyone has used this app, certainly they will understand clearly about the app. For the year 2020, the PLAYit apk has proved that this is the perfect media player in India. For Indian users, this is the best app to entertain with moreover films, other video clips, and 2020 IPL matches. Anyone who is willing to make an effort with the app has permission to start the usage of the app and gain more experience.


Features of the PLAYit apk

  • Best video downloader that suits multiple formats

Here the PLAYit apk is supported for many video and audio formats. Due to that reason, any video or audio in any format can be watched, listen to, and download too. That’s why we can identify this apk as Multitasking.

  • Auto-detection and management

Management is a hard process that anyone going through. But the PLAYit is doing it without any excessive effort. The app will explore the videos and media files stored in the SD card and memory within a short period of time. Then after the detection the app can play, sort, and share them. The format of the video doesn’t matter for the process.

  • Subtitles functions

Now the users are capable of watching anything from any language. Because the online subtitle functions are available with the PLAYit apk. Explore for subtitles instantly and get them downloaded to your device. Watch the film with subtitles.

playit hd video player

How to download Play It for an android device? 

There are only a few ways for anyone to install this worthy Playit apk for their own android device.

  • Certainly, android users have Google play store on their devices. Also can use the download link on this site to get the app.
  • Search for the PLAYit apk on the search bar
  • The user will find the app, 
  • Then tap on the install button to confirm the download of the apk
  • The app will be installed sometime later
  • Start working with the app following the guides that have given via the app.

How to download Playit for pc?

  • For installation Playit for PC, certainly, an android emulator is required. 
  • If there is no android emulator, first of all, get such an emulator as BlueStacks
  • Then explore for Google play store
  • Search for the PLAYit apk from the Google play store
  • Click the install to get the apk
  • The process would be finished sometime later
  • Work freely with the app

Safety and Legality

The Google play store has proved that this is 100% safe. Although it is not with any harmful viruses and other harmful things. Also, Playit apk is legal to use. Do not worry about that issue.


Q: What is the size of the app?

A: This is about an 18.89 MB-sized app.

Q: Are there any advertisements containing in this app?

A: Yes, there are some ads placed by the developer.

Q: Who had offered the PLAYit apk for the users?

A: Yuvadvance Internet private limited has offered.

All facts described the importance of the PLAYit apk as a media player. So just try it and analyze they true or not.


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