Alight Motion APK Download | Create motion graphics and animations


It’s the kind of app that will provide exciting graphics for your video that will eventually make your whole video look amazing. There is no need to be a pro to utilize Alight Motion as this app offers all features with just one click. You just need to download the Alight Motion Latest Mod Apk, and start to explore its features. Within one day of use, you will be a master of Alight motion. Apps like this one provide users with an extensive set of tools which they can use to edit their captured photos and videos.

alight motion apk download

Alight Motion APP Features

Numerous Keyframe animations:

Keyframe is the important feature of the alight motion apk. You can edit your motion frame by frame in it. you can add elements and edit one frame at a time. there is a huge collection of frames in alight motion which you can custom select to edit in the frame. you can change the shapes or customize the size of objects in any frame. you can choose the keyframes such as 1:1, 4:3, 9:16, and 16:9.

Vector graphics:

While making animation videos, vector graphics help you to make charming designs. Alight motion apk download offers you minimalists and wonderful images to animate. 2D and 3D image sketches shapes are available add-in animation video. Rather than choosing vector graphics, you can also create your vector images and add them to videos to get the best results.

High-quality MP4 Videos and GIFs :

The output of high-quality content is also its reason for fame among people. you can create HD MP4 videos and gifs. some apps provide low-quality GIFs but the alight motion hack is popular in providing rich gifs. its high-quality content speaks for itself.

Create animated videos:

It is a gracious feature for animated videos lovers. You can create any type of animation videos from beginning to pro-level in this alight motion mod apk. You can create any type of cartoon video in this modded app.

Import your content:

This is quick and effective editing on your device. You can simply import your content from your phone storage or online library of alight motion. Then you can edit by your choice.

Edit image on mobile:

It is the astonishing feature of alight motion. You can edit your images in this mod version. Like Vsco apk, Its image editor is very powerful and designed with all the required tools. you can change the effects or picture, crop the images, beautify the images change the color, make them sharper, and many more options to make your images more attractive.

Stylish Fonts:

another helpful feature while texting on videos is the unique fonts. There are 2000+ fonts available in our mod version apk of alight motion. To explain the animation and to look attractive, you can add multiple fonts with the cool and best design,

Export formats:

You can export your content in multiple formats.MP4, GIF, JGEG, PNG, XML, etc are available in this apk mod. These are also supported in Snaptube Mod Apk. Images can also be exported from the video like you editing a video of your walking and attractive pose appear, not to tale the screenshot you can export the particular image with the best quality.

Unique Effects and controls

alight motion with its pro tools of inbuilt visual effects is admirable. It offers multiple effects to make your editing system more advance. There are 1000 effects like gradient fill effect color correction, border, shadow effects, blur, etc available. you can use these visual effects in your creation of animation. Choose them and customize them to make your animation more attractive and beautiful.

Blending modes with multiple layers:

alight motion has another effective feature of layered settings for graphics, audio, or video. Its layer system is very smooth and adds another feature while editing. there are multiple presets are availbel avaible for belndig.You can spectate the entire board to make certain changes to each element of the video. you can separate and arrange the layers with the best match. And you can make a video by properly grouping layers together.


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