Simple Tips To Increase Your Home Internet Speed


Nowadays, it seems like everything we do happen online. The current unusual situation with Covid-19 brought all the lockdowns, working from home, online shopping, and many other extra internet-based activities to our lives.  Thus, learning how to boost your internet speed is vital! Considering that with all of the aforementioned activities, you even don’t have access to high-speed internet at work.

-Updating the router

For enhancing the internet speed, you might need to upgrade your router. A good measure to understanding whether your router needs to be replaced or not, is how long you are using that. If the answer is more than five years, you definitely need to buy a new model. To experiencing a considerable increase, buy at least a dual-band or triple-band model. Also, be sure to use 5GHz bands.

-Resetting the router

Sometimes your router is not working that long, no need to buy a new one, but reset it in order to enjoy the benefits!

You may have hacking problems without knowing. Thus, resetting the router can help to resolve these matters. Moreover, a router has a finite memory, and resetting it may result in higher speed internet. Last but not the least, by resetting the router you will apply the vital updates that the router has been waiting on.

Please consider resetting router correctly! You shouldn’t do a factory reset, because in that case you will erase all the settings and you have to start everything over. You should just unplug the router from all connected devices as well as the power source and shut it down. It may take a minute for everything to turn off. Then, you can again plug it into the power source, etc.

-You should consider your internet data cap

When talking about slow internet speed, it would be always beneficial to take a look at your internet Data cap. Although it has a strong effect on your internet connection, data cap is something that ISPs are not willing to talk about! In every internet plan, there is usually a data limit and in case you use more than this amount each month, you may experience a severely restricted internet speed.

First, find out if you have a data cap or not. The slow down on internet speed is noticeable when you exceed the data limit. Moreover, you can check the bill. Finally, consider developing your plan to a higher data limit if you notice that you are exceeding 

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-Check the on-system interference

Some programs including virus scanner can interfere with your internet connection, resulting in lower internet speed. There is no better way than trial and error for understanding if a program is doing so. It may be boring but it is the simplest way: switch off every program and examining the internet speed, to understand whether it is interfering with your internet speed.

When you are doing so with the virus scanner, be more careful than other times since you don’t want to pick up any viruses whilst doing this. Sometimes you may even need to reinstall your operating system. If that’s the case you can use a bootable USB creator software like Etcher to take care of that for you. You can download it directly from their official website or from their GitHub repo. That’s it. We hope you learned something new today and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


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