Morpheus TV APK Latest version download for Android [32MB]

For Android users, Morpheus tv is an interesting application that can be used for movie streaming. This is one of the most ideal applications for Android devices, and now it is successfully updated for all Android smartphones as the best mobile streaming application.

morpheus tv apk logo

Morpheus tv is an entirely free version for Android users, and now it allows users to download the application within a few seconds easily. Morpheus tv includes the best movie collection, and where users have the freedom to download thousands of movies, TV series, cartoons, and other plenty of videos. For movie streaming, Today, users are engaged with thousands of movie streaming applications. Some of those applications cause many problems, such as different types of download issues, buffering issues, file not found issues, and more. But if you decide to use Morpheus tv, then users can survive from those anomalies, and you have complete freedom.

What is Morpheus tv?

Morpheus tv is an Android-based movie streaming application that allows users to streaming videos on their mobile devices. So now, it can use among Android smartphones as well as tablets, Android TV boxes, and many other devices. For Apple operating systems, still, it was not successfully updated, but with further updates, it will be a success.

Morpheus tv application design with a number of an amazing collection of movies, TV series, cartoons, and many more video contents. Therefore, this is one of the best selections for Android users, and by following simple guidance now, you are free to download and install Morpheus tv within a few seconds.

More on the Morpheus tv application

Morpheus tv and Morph TV are similar applications. Both applications are freely available, and the applications released with tons of facilities. Morpheus tv is a completely freemium version. So it does not require subscription fees and payments for premium versions. But in the Google Play store, the application is not included. So here you have to download it from the web. Morpheus tv is lightweight software, and it does not take too much space.

All the videos that included in Morpheus tv come in full HD quality, and the application comes with a smooth and straightforward user interface (UI). In the search bar, users are free to filter moves, and they can select movies and TV series that they are most interested in. To log in to the application, here it does not require registration or signing up. So here, users are always free as they do not need to provide their details anymore.

morpheus tv apk 2020

Download and install Morpheus tv

Here you can easily follow the below steps for download and install Morpheus tv on your Android device.

Step 01.

First, users have to download Morpheus tv apk using the most reliable download links.

Step 02.

Now users have to open device settings on your mobile device in which you are going to download the application. Then go to security settings and enable the “Unknown sources” option.

(Here, this is the way that you can easily download third party apps, and it is essential. Otherwise, you will get an error message or the installation may be blocked or canceled)

Step 03.

Then Go to device downloads. Now you have to open the download Morpheus tv apk file.

Step 04.

Tap on “Install” to begin the process. There you can see all the required access permission regulation. After agree on it, you can continue the process.

Finally, you have done it successfully. So enjoy the download application while watching movies, TV series, and plenty of other benefits.

Official website:

Samsung Bixby: How To Use and Everything You Should Know

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus released with Bixby. This is the most interesting facility, and this Bixby is an assistant software that comes in three different concepts. Those are Bixby Home, Bixby Voice, and Bixby Vision.

Bixby Voice is something similar to Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. However it is, this is not released with Samsung Galaxy S8. But within an overnight, after the release of S8, Samsung was rolling out a flexible update with enabling  Bixby Voice for all over the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus users. By updating the bug fixed update, users can easily enjoy the three flavors of Bixby.

samsung bixby

What is this, Samsung Bixby?

Samsung Bixby is an artificial intelligence assistant that comes from Samsung Galaxy S8 and upward devices. No doubt, this is the best release that more identical to Siri, Google’s assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa. This facility comes for  Samsung flagship phones. Samsung is trying to meet user needs and provide contextual reminders. By the way, it has the ability to edit photos, compose emails for each command, and to send messages as well. The things that you have done with touch, now using Bixby users have the ability to do it through voice. Bixby’s voice identifies what you say and responds to it.

Not only that, but it also allows controlling other smart home appliances, IoT devices, which defines the Internet of Things. Here it comes with TVs, smart fridges, and tons of Samsung smart devices.

The best way to use Bixby on your Samsung Galaxy 

Several tips allow users to get starts with Bixby. Those are,

  • You can use this for toggle the Samsung device settingssamsung bixby settings
  • Ability to create any shortcut commandssamsung bixby shortcuts
  • Enable automatic keyboard with dictationsamsung bixby keyboard and dictation
  • It does not require to tap on the Bixby button
  • Ability to type Bixby
  • Drag, move or cancel commands available 
  • Compatible with  a collection of third-party apps
  • Ability to change the device screen with different background colorssamsung bixby change colors and background

Third-party apps compatibility with Samsung Bixby

Samsung Bixby works with several brand apps owned by Samsung. Those are Samsung Health, Samsung Internet, and Samsung Music. By the way, it does not limit for those apps, and for some third-party apps, it works better. Below mentioned non-Samsung apps properly work with Bixby with your Samsung smart device. Those are, 

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • The Google Play Music
  • Google Play Store
  • Instagram
  • Pandora
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Uber
  • WhatsApp
  • Yelp
  • YouTube

samsung bixby apps

To connect with these apps using Bixby, users have to say, the app name with Open. For example, “Open and then app name.” For Facebook, Open Facebook, for Youtube, “Open Youtube, etc. By the way, here, it allows the facilities to share. Here you have to say “Open Facebook for sharing a video,” “Open Facebook and show me recent notifications” like that. 

To get third party support, you can follow the below steps. Here go to Bixby Home, then tap on Settings and select Bixby Labs. Then you can be toggling if off.

Oppo’s Super VOOC: The Fastest Fast Charging Method

Charging in just a few seconds is one of the best features and a standard facility on high-end smartphones. Battery performances directly affect the device performances, and therefore battery charging is now becoming a significant role in each smartphone. So the fastest charging necessity comes with the matter. Avoiding the slow progress of the battery technology, now it is better to find a path to refilled it more quickly. Most of the smartphone developers used Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology widely. It includes regular updates as well. Likewise, Apple is also offering another technology on newer iPhones. But among all those things, Oppo’s Super VOOC is the fastest fast charging we’ve ever seen.

oppos super vooc

OPPO Super VOOC Charge – Fastest Charging in 35 Minutes

Can you believe this? However, this is a fact. Smartphones buyers are always looking for devices with the fastest fully charging facility that does not take hours, they look it complete within a few minutes.  Now we can introduce OPPO as the pioneer in mobile device technology with faster charging. OPPO comes with new Super VOOC technology to increase the battery charge performances from 1% to fully charge (100% ) using about  35 minutes.

Super VOOC is the base root for mobile device fast charge technology, and now it comes for new OPPO R17 Pro and Finds X smartphones that were released in 2018-2019.  Thus begins the unique opportunity for faster-charging technology, and now it widely spread among users as this is the best suitable technology tali with day to day needings.

What is this “VOOC”? 

VOOC  defines Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging. This can be introduced as the fastest charging technology. OPPO Electronics developed this. It was revealed in 2014. In this technology, developers used a specified adapter with unique cables to connect devices for charging with 25W, safely. This is the most suitable power range, and it does not allow overheating. Finally, it was completed successfully in 2018.

super vooc charger

Charging rangers for certain OPPO devices from 0 to 75% in just 30 minutes. From 0 to 100% 35 minutes. USB-IF’s USB Power Delivery technology increases the voltage during fast charging. VOOC used more than the power that normal USB 2.0 charging. Here VOOC could able to operate 5V and 4A. The other thing is here it allows to decrease the temperature of the related charging adapter and then it creates an interface from the adapter to the device, which increases the speed as well as safety.

Super VOOC regarding with OPPO

SuperVOOC can identify as the evolution of OPPO’s VOOC, which means the Flash Charge technology.   With this technology, it allows charging a device 0% to 100% in just 35 minutes. This is four times faster than other devices.

About Oppo’s Super VOOC fast charging

We know that usually, a smartphone uses nearly two hours to charge a device fully. Most devices allow fast-charging up to 75%, and then it takes too much time to complete the other quarter. But Oppo’s Super VOOC is the fastest fast charging ever, and it takes only 35 minutes to achieve a 100% charge. This is the quickest technology currently available.

oppos super vooc fast charing

The best facility is SuperVOOC allows fast charging even users in other activities such as watching videos or playing games. The charging time never increases, as well.

  • It takes about 69 mins for  VOOC Faster Charge – 25W 
  • Then it takes 35 minutes for Super VOOC Faster Charge –  50W

OPPO’s Super VOOC Fastest Charge

  • Used 10 mins for  40% charge
  • Then Used 30 mins for 75% charge 
  • Used 30 mins for 100% (full)  charge

OPPO’s original VOOC Flash Charge

  • 30mins for zero  to 75% 
  • 45 mins for zero to 90% 
  • 69 mins for zero to full charge.

Charging your smartphone for five minutes supports for users to talk 2 hours (120mins). Likewise, it includes thousands of benefits. Now we know, Oppo’s Super VOOC is the fastest fast charging we’ve ever seen and now you can try it!

Google Pixel 4: Everything That You Need To Know

After Google Pixel 3 arrivals, now Google Pixel 4 series ready to arrive. This is the latest attempt at the Google smartphone category, and this will be a great achievement.  Google Pixel 4 comes with advanced technology as well as fixing all failures on Google Pixel 3 series. So this will be the most highlighted mobile device this year that comes with Android 10.( Supported further Android updates – Android 11 and upward.). Google Pixel 4 does not come alone. It comes with  Pixel 4 and 4 XL.

google pixel 4

The most interesting point is this time Google offering a ton of facilities for Google Pixel 4.  Here it arrives with the newest technology, improved camera facility with dual rear camera, display – 90Hz and another fantastic facility for the very first time “Soli radar system”. These are the most enchanting facilities that never seen before, and now users have the ability to move with the upcoming Google Pixel 4 lineup.

What are the most elegant features of Google Pixel 4 – designed and display

Google Pixel 4 includes impressive features, and this is something advance rather than previous Google Pixel 3 series. So here we can have more facilities that Google Pixel 3 not included.

  • Google Pixel 4 screen size- 5.7-inch.
  • Soli radar system
  • Device weight – 162g
  • Dual rear camera
  • Dimensions of the device equal to  68.8 mm x 147.1 mm x 8.2mm.
  • Comes with  Android (Q)10 and above 
  • The best resolution ever with Full HD+
  • Central Processing unit – Snapdragon 855.
  • It comes with  6 GB RAM
  • Supported storage of  64GB-128GB.

google pixel 4 camera

What’s new in Google Pixel 4 camera

Mostly this is one of the best facilities included in Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL smartphones. Here it comes with a huge camera update for Google Pixel 4 series. Google Pixel 4 added a second rear camera. According to Google, this is their first attempt at releasing two lenses for a smartphone.  Here it comes with a 12MP primary camera with f/1.7, and it supported field view of 77-degree. The other assist camera comes in a telephoto lens with 16MP, and it equals f/2.4, field view equal to 52 degrees.

Finally, the camera comes with improves zooming options, and it supports minor light shots as well as improved photography capturing facility.

Google Pixel 4 performances

Google Pixel 4  designed with flagship Snapdragon 855 chipset of Qualcomm.  The RAM facility is increased from 4GB to 6 GB. In some cases, this supports 8 GB to 12GB. The device comes with ANdroid 10 and tallows upgrades.

google pixel 4 specifications

Google Pixel 4 release date and price

Google has marked the release date as the 24th of October 2019. Pre-orders are available from 15th October, and you can order it from major carriers in the US such as  Google Fi, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Xfinity, Spectrum Mobile, and AT&T.

Google Pixel 4 prices available from $799 and this for storage model the 64GB and $899 for storage model 128GB. This price has similar to the Google Pixel 3 series.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: Everything You Need To Know

Samsung Galaxy Fold is another amazing release that belongs to Samsung. Unlike any device before released, this is the biggest revolution of Samsung mobile system. This is the most significant breakthrough in mobile device technology and now this opportunity available for millions of worldwide users. Galaxy Fold is the most innovative and attractive flexible phone, which is foldable as well. So are you ready to unfold your future with Samsung Galaxy Fold?

samsung galaxy fold review

The global mobile device market still does not have any other foldable mobile phone before. So the victory goes to the South Korean technology giant, Samsung. This is a smartphone and a tablet as well. This depends on user requirements and thus this the best mobile device available in the market now. Here Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with the first 7.3″ infinity flex display, and it allows us to fold it. The smartphone is designed with new display materials, fresh tips and modern design features that make it unique from other millions of devices. For 2019, this is the most forward-thinking smartphone.

Everything that you should know about

If you are looking for a newbie experience on your mobile phone, then try Samsung Galaxy Fold as it is the best solution ever. It was released on the 6th of September  2019 in Korea. This is the most flexible galaxy smart device from size, from price and performances. Here it allows us to fold the device into a 4.6-inch exterior screen and turns it into a 7.3-inch. This is just like a small tablet display, and this is always a surprise. Galaxy Fold holds 62.8×160.9×17.1 mm when it folded and 117.9×160.9×7.6 mm when it is unfolded. In fact, it is about  276 grams of weight.

Samsung Galaxy Folds cost more than the average Galaxy smartphone. It can be twice the price of the latest best smartphones. However, it is, this is the best option as it offers a smartphone as well as a tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Fold specifications, features

This is different from other traditional smartphones.  Here Galaxy Fold comes with sports two displays. The front has a flat-screen and the second has a bendable or foldable design. Font display designs with a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED panel. It has an HD+ (840×1960 pixels) resolution.  Likewise, the foldable display comes in 7.3-inch and endless Flex Dynamic AMOLED panel with a QXGA (1536×2152 pixels) resolution.

samsung galaxy fold features

Galaxy Fold supported Android 9 Pie as the main operating system.  In fact, there are a collection of features that comes with Samsung Galaxy Fold and let’s see some of the most popular features that allow increasing the device performances as well as the Android facilities.

  • 7.30-inch. Primary display
  • Processor Octa-core
  • 10-megapixel Front Camera
  • 16-megapixel + 12-megapixel + 12-megapixel Rear Camera
  • 12GB RAM 
  • 512GB Storage
  • 4,380mAh Battery Capacity
  • Android Pie. (9) operating system

Samsung Galaxy Fold Specifications  – All in brief

As mentioned above, this is one of the most delightful innovations of Samsung manufacturer. So it includes thousands of latest features, fully functional apps, amazing designs internally and externally, advanced camera with updated camera facilities, advanced sharing options, improves sensor system and more developed technical facilities. Let’s see them as a summary below.

  • Galaxy Fold main display: 7.3″ QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED Display (4.2:3)
  • Device cover display: 4.6″ HD+ Super AMOLED Display (21:9)
  • Operating System: Android pie (9) with One UI
  • Processor: 855 (7nm) Qualcomm Snapdragon comes in Octa-core CPU clocked at 2.84GHz
  • GPU: Adreno 640
  • Camera :     
      •  Telephoto camera + 12MP(f/1.5-f/2.4)
      •  AI Triple Rear Camera – 12MP(f/2.4)  
      • wide-angle camera + 16MP(f/2.2) 
      • ultra-wide angle lens with LED flash 
  • Front Camera : AI Dual Front Camera – 10MP(f/2.2) + 8MP(f/1.9) come with In-display flash
  • Internal storage : 12GB with 512GB
  • Expandable storage: Not supported for  expand
  • Battery: Non-removable Li-Po 4380mAh battery (Type C)
  • Weight: 263g
  • Thickness: Unfolded – 6.9mm and Folded – 15.5mm
  • NFC: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 version  
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5mm headphone jack
  • SAR value : Head – 0.41 W/kg and Body – 1.39 W/kg
  • Sensors: 
    • Fingerprint sensor (Side-mounted)
    • AI Face unlock, 
    • ambient light sensor
    • accelerometer 
    • proximity sensor 
    • Gyro
    • e-compass and Samsung DeX

samsung galaxy fold specifications


Connectivities are one of the essential things for all mobile devices. In Samsung Galaxy Fold, it comes with some connectivity options such as Wi-Fi 6, 4G LTE, Bluetooth version 5.0, USB Type-C port, GPS/ A-GPS, and NFC. The smartphone includes some other features such as stereo speakers that come default Dolby Atmos surround sound technology. Likewise, the sensor system includes accelerometer, barometer, geomagnetic, ambient light, gyroscope, in-display fingerprint, proximity sensor, and many other facilities.

Samsung Galaxy Fold  Battery

Samsung Galaxy Fold  Battery comes with a dual battery with 4,380mAh capacity. Here it is supported wireless charging as well as wired charging. Here developers added Wireless PowerShare feature and that enables the reverse charging as well.

Performances of over roll Samsung Galaxy Fold

samsung galaxy fold performance

Samsung Galaxy Fold is like no other smartphone because there is no other phone this. Developers are more interested in device speed and storage. So they give 12GB RAM for intensive multitasking. This is for gaming to streaming as well as live broadcasting all at once. In fact, 512GB of storage space for your applications and media. Because of the dual battery delivery facility, they can use the smarter power of the device. A dual battery with a capacity of 4380mAh (normal) recharges both cells to avoid over-charging. Here it includes a more stylish battery which can be called a fully intelligent. So it does everything to save battery life with the best management process. 

Final words

No doubt, Samsung Galaxy Fold is the best mobile device and mobile technology released this 2k19. It comes with Android Pie versions, and it works as a smartphone as well as a tablet for your day to day life. Galaxy Fold is just the beginning, in further development you can catch many facilities ever you haven’t seen in any other mobile technology.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha: Everything That You Need To Know

Mi mix alpha is the latest concept of a smartphone that belonged to Xiaomi. The developer Xiaomi announced this upcoming newbie mobile technology system and now it is planning to release in further days.  Mi mix alpha designed with the latest features that we did not catch in other smartphones that were released earlier. So this will be the newest experience for millions of worldwide users. So with the latest 4D surrounding covered display, the most recent experience starts from the beginning.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Review

Mi mix alpha is a full sensored device, so it could be able to identify and detects different activities and different things. As an example here, it has the ability to identify where are you now and its response to each situation. If you are at home, then it will open the Mi Home app. When you are looking for a taxi, it shows available routes as well as if you are in the airport, it shows all related flight information.

Introduction to Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Mi mix alpha is the latest 5G concept smartphone. It was developed by Xiaomi, and it belongs to China. According to the most striking features, the 4D surround display with 180.6 percent screen-to-body ratio facility could able to catch the attraction of users. In fact, the 108-megapixel primary camera is the best camera ever, and this is the world’s first camera with those flexible facilities just inside a smartphone. This camera technology is a combination of Xiaomi and Samsung.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Specifications

Design of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha  smartphone

This is the most attractive display that released for a smartphone in this decade. Mi mix alpha is not just a smartphone. It is the innovation of curiosity. Here the Mi mix alpha is completely covered Aerospace-grade titanium alloy. This is very strong, and that can prove as it is three times stronger than stainless steel. By the way, it is stronger in 1.3 times than the 7-series aluminum alloy.

In the back of the device there, you can see a high-precision ceramics strip. It crosses the panel and contains a triple rear camera setup.  Finally, it was designed with pressure-sensitive virtual side buttons. It comes in both sides, and the linear motor allows simulating the touch of physical buttons.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Display

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Display and Camera setup

As mentioned above, it comes in 4D surround display and whopping wraparound three-sided display. The whole phone covered with a sapphire glass. By the way, it has a 7.92-inch wraparound display with a high resolution of 2088×2250 pixels, and it has the 108-megapixel ultra-high resolution camera. It comes with the 1/1.33-inch ultra large image sensor and 12032 x 9024 pixels. The triple camera system is almost the best opportunity for users.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Camera

Brief in Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha comes with anti-false-touch technology which allows it to deactivates the non-active area and many other facilities. Here it includes a 4050mAh battery, and it does not removable. It planned to release with the Android 9.0 (Pie)  version. Other things are,

Google Play Pass: Everything That You Need To Know

Google Play Pass is the latest arrives opportunity from Google, and now it is available for millions of worldwide users. This is the newest app & game subscription service available for the Play store. There is nothing new in the latest subscription services. It comes with various types of content, movies, and games on the computer and console. Here we can easily find new subscription services that support and gives access to numerous apps and games on your smartphone. Those services are freely valid for one month period. Google Play Pass is an alternative service to Apple Arcade that was released by Apple.

google play pass

Google Play Pass Vs. Google Play?

Most of the users think that both services follow one procedure. But there is not something like that. Google Play Pass and Google Play store are two different procedures. Google Play store is a subscription service for apps & games, and Google Play Pass allows us to store all the stuff that you access and the function of everything offers.

Google Play Pass lets subscribers download, use, or play those selected apps and games. Those apps and games are entirely free, and while playing them absolutely, it does not play ads or in-app/in-game purchases.

Google Play Pass for every Play Store app & game

There is no such thing as “Google Play Pass for every Play Store app & game.” Here you can find both similarities. But both of the services are different from their procedures. 

There are about 350 apps and games in Google Play Pass right now. But in the Google Play store, there are around 2.7 million apps and games you can freely download to your Android directly.

Sign up for Google Play Pass

This is a quite simple process. Here users have to open the Play Store app first. Then tap on the Play Store menu. After opening it, you can see Google Play Pass under the notifications. Now tap on it, and you can follow on-screen prompts. So here you have to follow some steps to complete the process such as selecting the payment method before confirming the subscription.

sign up for google play pass

Cost For Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass is not a freely available application. For the service, it requires $1.99 per month. This is the promotional price for people and it valid until the 10th of October. After that, it will cost $4.99 per month as calculated.

The benefit is, the promotion price available for the entire year. In fact, users get a 10-day free trial for this promo package before the payment begins. However, there is a possibility that Google may increase or decrease the cost of Play Pass without any conditions.

google play pass games

Google Play Pass availability

Still the Google Play Pass available in the US. In fact, Google still not announced this facility available for outside users. They confirm an international availability in further days, and they announced users to stay turned. But there does not have even any hint on the release date. 

Does Google Play Pass only work on Android phones?

Google Play Pass supports Android devices that have successfully installed the Google Play store. It supports smartphones, tablets, and laptops that full fill above conditions. But here your Android operating system must support Android 4.4 or later and compatible Play Store version.

How To Control Roku TV With Google Assistant With Easy Steps

Roku player is a very well known branded simply named as Roku. This is a series of online media players that belong to an American company Roku, Inc. this name comes from a Japanese word. “Roku means six, and here it is a combination of six companies. Form of channels, Roku partners provide top media services. This Roku streaming device gets a date from an internet router through a wired or Wi-Fi connection. On some device formats, data is output directly via an audio cable, video cable, or HDMI connection.

how to control roku with google assistant

Roku- Software

The Roku box runs on a custom Linux distribution. This is the Roku OS. There are several Roku versions, and each update contains bug fixes, updated security patches, modified or latest features, and many other new interface revisions. This is the best way to push OS updates for supported devices those who are in a staggered release.

The most recent Roku OS versions are Roku OS 9.0. This is for all the supported streaming devices. The Roku OS 8.2 is for Roku TVs. The latest Roku OS 9.0 was released in November 2018 for Roku streaming devices. Roku TVs will compatible with OS 9.0 update this year. 

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered by Google. Now, this facility is available for all the compatible smartphone devices. This is too much different from other tools, and now the Google Assistant engage in two-way conversations. Here it supports Android, Chrome OS, iOS, KaiOS, Linux.

How to control Roku with Google Assistant?

Before going through this, you have to make sure your whether the Roku Software is Up To Date. Using the below steps, you can make sure of it.

How to find that Roku’s Software is Up To Date?

Here Roku will need to be running OS 8.1 or upward version. Google assistant is supporting only the latest versions. Then,

  1. Turn on your Roku smart TV, streaming stick, or streaming box.roku tv turn on
  2. Then select “Settings” from the left.roku tv settings
  3. Now select “System” and then tap on “System Update.”roku tv system update
  4. Now tap on “Check Now.”roku tv system update latest

If the device is up to date, it will say, “All software is up to date.” If not, then it automatically begins to download the latest software version.

When the process is completed, now, you can easily link your Roku with Google Assistant. 

Google Assistant with Roku

After completing the above process, now you can easily set up the Google Home app. Here you have to start it by downloading and installing the Google Home application. It supports both Android smartphones or your iPhone.

  1. Select Add on the Google Home home to connect roku to google assistant 1
  2. Then tap on “Set Up Device.”how to connect roku to google assistant 2
  3. Now tap on, “Have something already set up?how to connect roku to google assistant 3
  4. Then you have to scroll down and select “ to connect roku to google assistant 4
  5. Now Sign in to your Roku account. Here you have to tap on “Sign In.”
  6. Select “Accept and Continue.”
  7. Now select the Roku link to Google Assistant. If you have multiple Roku devices on your account, it supports only to linked one Google Assistant.  
  8. Tap on “Continue to the Google app.” Go back to the Google Home app now. Then it reviews the device you added. Finally, Select “Done.”

Now you have successfully completed the process. Then Roku device and Google Assistant are linked. Now you can start commanding using a smartphone or smart speaker.

Ten Special Uses Of Google Lens That You Can Get

Google Lens is a widely expanded image recognition technology that is belonging to Google. The goal of this Google lens is to identify neural network-based visual analytics. It was released on October 4, 2017, for Android and Apple operating systems. So now it comes in several languages compatibility such as the English language, Spanish language, German, French, Italian, Korean and more. Google lens comes in AI-powered technology. AI- Artificial intelligence is an intelligent machine technology that reacts like humans. So it can use for speech recognition and now with Google for image recognition. With the use of the Google lens now, it allows leverage smartphone’s camera and deeply detect objects. And then the system has the ability to get an idea of what it discovers and offers follow-up actions that are rooted in what it sees.

google lens uses

Google offers a Lens app that users can directly download from the Play store. If you still not use this fantastic technology, then try it now as it is one of the cool facilities for your Android and iOS.

Ten awesome things that you should know, and you can do with Google Lens.

Google lens is not just an image recognition technology. It includes something more than that and let’s see some of them for your better known.


  • Easily copy text

google lens copy text


If you are looking to copy a random piece of text? Google Lens is the best way to copy a text in contact numbers, special dates, essential addresses, other email addresses, or any other form of text in the real world. Here you can simply tap on the related phone number or address from the camera app and then Google Lens will identify that what to do. As an example, here is askes to add the number as a new contact, existing contact, call, text, email, or allows to visit the associated websites. 


  • Open links

google lens open links


This is another best way that is too much important for you. When you are browsing something on your PC, and then you suddenly want to continue it on your smartphone, here you can snap a phone on the web address and then google lens has the ability to identify the links immediately. Then you can easily continue it.


  • Browse similar products

google lens browse similar products


This is the best way to easily find similar products. Here it requires only a photo and google lens will identify alternative products. 


  • Get quick info about books

google lens books


To get a summary of a book, here you can snap an image on the cover of the book using your smartphone. Then Google lens will identify it, and it will give you a summary, a review, or a link for google search.


  •  Get to know about review/ratings of restaurants/bars/venues

google lens review ratings of restaurants bars venues


Now you can point Google Lens towards a Hotel, cafeteria or restaurant. Then it has the ability to show you about all those details review/ratings of restaurants/bars/venues.


  • Identify plants and animals

google lens identify plants and animals


For nature observations, this gives you huge support. Snap pictures for point Camara to plants or animals then the AI-driven system will recognize them for you. 


  • Discover music camera

google lens music


To find older or latest music, band or anything it requests only a snap of the music band or anything then the lens will identify it.


  • Scan QR Codes

google lens scan qr codes


Such as other facilities allow scanning QR codes to find the related one instantly.


  • Memory to your calendar

google lens add to calender


To save a date in a poster or a reflet, just need a snap. Then it will quickly add dates to your calendar using lens.


  • Translate signs

google lens translate signs


Finally, another most important facility. When you are in a foreign country and if you can’t understand the signs in theirs. This is pretty easy with Google lens as it has the ability to identify it using Google Lens, and it allows us to translate them easily. 

These are just amazing things you can do with Google lenses. So if you haven’t tried those things yet, try it using your Android and iOS smartphones.

How To Change The Font On Your Android Smartphone

Android devices customization is one of the best methods that can be used among users. This is the best way to get thousands of possibilities for their smartphones and other devices. Here Android gives you the ability to personalize the device according to user desire. So here change the font on your Android phone is one of the best opportunities that it gives users. The font changing process is like a logical extension of the scenario. This is not something straightforward, but there is a probability of changing the font on your Android phone.

how to change font on android

Is my Android support for change fonts?

This change the font on your Android phone facility already has built-in some smartphones. Although Android stock still not capable of customizing your device system fonts most of the mobile phone manufacturers have adopted the software to suit this demand. The most popular companies, like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Oppo, and LG, gives the probability of changing the font on your Android phone. They make it easy to font changing process.

More on change the font on your Android phone

Now you can change the font on your Android phone depending on your particular handset. But following the normal procedure, users can easily change it.

Here go to settings > then tap on Designs. Under the design section, users can easily change the actual font, font sizes. Samsung Android devices gives users the ability to change the font style as well. For Samsung users, they have pre-installed some additional fonts besides the device default one. However, it allows downloading more online on Galaxy Store. There you can freely download fonts as well as paid ones.

android fonts

To select a font this follows below changes. Settings > Display > Font size and style.  Now you have to tap the name of the font and confirmed it to set it as the system font. Font replacement is immediate. So no need to rebooting the device. After that, the selected font will display throughout your device interface. You can see them on the status bar, all the system menus, and in messages.

Changing fonts for apps and launchers

When changing the font on your Android phone does not support through system-wide, here users have another opportunity. That is “custom launcher”.

how to change font style in android launcher

Here users have the freedom to install a custom launcher and using this application change the font on your Android phone is not anymore a hard process. This support to replace the device’s main home screen and allows you to change other UI elements.

Here users have the freedom to select the most compatible custom launcher. This is another way to customize your fonts easily.  

How do I use custom fonts on Android?

Now you can follow the below steps for custom fonts on Android studio.

  1. Right-click on the resources folder.
  2. Then go to New > Android resource directory
  3. Select font from the resource type list
  4. Then click OK
  5. Here you can add your font files into the font folder
  6. To complete the process, double-click a font file Here it will preview the file’s fonts in the editor.

These are the guidelines that you can follow for custom fonts on Android and change the font on your Android phone.  So try to make your smartphone smarter than before using this font changer.