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VivaCut is an easy to use video editor. It includes a variety of useful features for the creation and manipulation of videos. The app lets you do a few nice things like to trim, combine and add filters and effects. You can also add music in four different templates. The VivaCut app download comes with a simple guide that can walk you through the entire process of editing your videos on your phone. It has all the info you need to get started – from what the app has to offer and how to use it, to the different tools and settings.

vivacut download

The original footage can be taken from the Gallery or from your smartphone camera. With this utility, you can trim unnecessary parts of the clip and remove individual frames or entire scenes. If you’re adding a new scene/frame, just add a gap between them. VivaCut developers have just released a new update with new and exciting features that include double exposure, “Picture-in-Picture” technology, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. You can use this to create an entirely unique video, like one with double exposure or text captions.

This video has a resolution of 720-1080p and can be shared to popular websites like Instagram. The VivaCut app contains a bunch of original songs too, perfect for adding your own music!

In order to do this, just select any of the provided compositions or make your own amplified sound recording through the microphone on your mobile device. The program allows you to cut long tunes and change playback speed. You can also extract the audio track and play another song which is more suitable as a soundtrack.

Features of Vivacut APK

Video Masking

Masking features are available in some of the best premium software programs. But with the Vivacut mod APK, you can mask the videos. With the layering option, adding two videos is a work of breeze with the video masking feature. So, if you are willing to make some illusive videos with excellent effects, Vivacut mod APK will help you do the same without any issues. You can easily access this feature by importing two video files and placing them on one another on a timeline.

Chroma Key

A green screen is one of the most common effects suitable for those who want to make videos with special effects. The Chroma Key feature in Vivacut modded APK makes it easier to record the videos with a green screen and change the background. You only have to import the video recorded with a green background, and the chroma key feature will automatically change the background as per your likings. Using the Chroma key is simpler than many other video editing apps for Android. So, it is a breezy process with VIvacut pro APK.

VFX Effects

We’ve already talked about the transition effects and filters. But the best thing about VIvacut mod APK is that it comes with the VFX effects. The VFX effects make your videos more interesting and lovely. You can use a ton of VFX effects like X-ray, dizzy, Dazzled, and zoom blur. There are a ton of other effects available for the users, which you can check in the effects section. Just find the desired effect and apply it to the section of your video.

Free to use

Vivacut Pro version is available at a subscription on Google Play Store. But with the modded version, you can access all the features for free. You don’t have to pay a single dime to get this app on your smartphone. It works perfectly fine and won’t ask for your money. Due to the modified code, all of the features are unlocked, and you can use them right from the start. Also, the app doesn’t have any kind of advertisements, which is a premium feature for the users.


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