TokoVoip VoIP Services PlugIn Free Download 2023


TokoVoip is a British-based company with a focus on providing top-quality VoIP services.

It has been in the market since 2013 and its innovative approach attracts many customers.

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The TokoVoip team is also involved in trading, software development and game design.

What Is TokoVoip?

For those who use TeamSpeak for its communication services, this plugin is the ultimate solution for providing an easy to use interface .

Top Features included in this plugin are as follows :- Call transfer, Polls and registration, Voice chat and echo cancellation, Call history with audio playback, photo capture, text message capture.

This update brought many new features to the game and it also introduced a new plugin called TokoVoip TeamSpeak Plugin as well as an updated version of the existing plugin that was already in use called i3dSoundTeamSpeakPlugin.

This plugin is being used by the admin team to have a new method of communication within FiveM.

The Plugin is a third-party plugin that requires you to log into their website.

As this is not an official plugin, users are not able to communicate with other players outside of GTA.

TokoVoip is the most popular gaming voice chat plugin for FiveM.

The team has been hard at work on the latest version of their plugin, bringing new features and exciting updates to the community.

With these, you’ll be able to connect with your friends on a more reliable and easier way than ever before!

Take advantage of your VoIP connection to make the most out of your gaming experience!

The Toko VoIP TeamSpeak Plugin for FiveM is a plugin that allows you to use your voice and microphone on the TeamSpeak voice-over-IP (VOIP) service.

TokoVoip features full integration with the FiveM client, including all of the features found in normal TeamSpeak clients.

The plugin has the following features:- Discord integration.

Connect your Discord account with FiveM, and use your voice on Discord while in-game.

The connection is automatically maintained when you disconnect from a server and reconnect.

Of course, TokoVoip only works if you have selected a server to connect to FiveM on that also supports voice!

Voice chat settings for individual servers in addition to global settings.

You can toggle voice chat or block it globally or setting it per server.

You can even use a microphone from your computer for lag-free voice chats with team members.

Now you can start voice chats on your computer, phone, and tablet.

Use a microphone from your computer to have lag-free voice chats with team members!


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