How is mobile ad fraud different in Android and iOS?


Tech World has not seen a bigger war than the one between Android and iOS. And mobile ad fraud is just another thing they fight over. Mobile ad fraud detection, to be more accurate.

The war between Android and iOS developers can be understandable, they are the workers of competitor companies. But there is a different aspect to the war: The fight between Android users and iOS users, they are more fanatic than the developers! And who can win this war you ask, let’s explain!

Comparison of Android and iOS can be based on a lot of things. Security, user interface, compatibility with apps and ease of use can be one of them easily. But today we will talk about how they differ in terms of mobile ad fraud detection.

There is a controversial view that Apple is safer because it’s harder to create third-party apps and Android offers open source availability. But this shouldn’t distort your judgement, fraudsters attact both of these and look for opportunities in both of them. But the number of attacts are not the same.

Let’s look at the numbers

In a research conducted with 140 million app installs, the success of ad fraudsters can be easily recognised.In the research, 5.8% of Android devices are the victim of app install fraud. The average app install fraudin iOS devices is 3%.

And when we think that the 75% of smartphones in the global market is dominated by Android devices, we can say that the numbers are alarming.

So the winner of the war is iOS.

But why is Android more vulnerable?

Experts think this could be the result of, drumroll please… Android being an open software for manufacturers!

So, the public is right. Fraudsters can more easily meddle with Android app’s software compared to the ones in iOS. The availability of of the source enables the fraudsters to do their fraud more easily.

But that’s not the only reason. Since Android devices dominate the global market, there are thousands of device models! Which means the compatibility challenges are also high.

And one final note: Just because Android is more affected by ad frauds than iOS devices, it doesn’t mean iOS is safe. It is safer than Android but there are ways for fraudsters to breach. The mobile ad fraud detection technologies should be advanced to fight fraudsters.


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