Google Kills Google Play Music For YouTube Music


Google is preparing to remove Google Play music from its Google graveyard. There are rumors about this plot. Even so, it is still surprising that the company announced that Play Music would be withdrawn for its YouTube music service before the end of 2020.

Google Play Music and YouTube Music

For a longtime Google Play Music subscribers, they can see that Google is certainly quick and at the worst time to make a big mistake. The main reason is that Google Play Music and YouTube Music reflect two different scenarios.

google play music youtube music

As a rival to Spotify and Apple Music, we work on some of the ways YouTube music fails and, more importantly, Google Play Music. For starters, nearly two years after Google launched, the ability to completely disable automatic functionality has not been implemented. This can be done for playlists, but what should you do when you want to listen to a single track? Then you only need to make a playlist for that track. If you looking to watch a single video on YouTube you can turn it off automatically, but not YouTube music.

Anointed Music Service does not accept that music and video recommendations and subscriptions are not the same things. You can watch a fun music video, or listen to a favorite song through YouTube.  However it is,  will it affect your recommendations on a music streaming app? This then leads to a second guess as to whether people like videos on YouTube or should subscribe to a channel because of the potential impact on their music experience.

Google has enhanced the offline capabilities of YouTube music. But it is still has a long way from adjusting to the offline mode of Google Play Music. However, Play Music uses a non-offline mode throughout the app with various app screens displaying your offline content. But YouTube Music is content to direct you to your downloads page and the other tabs are mostly useless.

google kills play music

YouTube Music -YouTube First- Google Play music

YouTube Music offers smart downloads. It means here it allows automatically downloading content that you prefer.  Then not only that it allows downloading your  “wishlist” playlist as well.  Definitely Google Play Music’s ability to automate playlists such as last added, purchase, thumbnail, and cache during streaming.

Obviously, most of these fake or missing elements may not be intentional. It is nice to see that the Music Locker feature at the end of the Youtube feature, aside from client-server streaming platforms like Plex, Play Music is the only way for collectors to stream their personal collections.


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