PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Full Specifications


The new Playstation Gold Wireless headset is basically designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience while enhancing comfort as well as performances. 

The refined ear cushion and smooth design make you comfortable for your playing sessions. The high reliability 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound brings a new experience to the urban forests and alien worlds you explore. The hidden microphone that cancels the amplified sound provides clear communication between friends and your teammates.

Games with experience as a developer meant for the Headset Companion App, the developers have set audio modes for PlayStation 4 systems only. PlayStation®VR was designed to fit seamlessly, enjoy the comfort and sound immersion of VR more than ever before.

playstation gold wireless headset

About PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset 

Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is wonderful wireless audio and encompasses the sound to the PlayStation 4 for less than $ 100. Really it is an attractive product, and this will be a great opportunity for you. This PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is for

Playstation 4 gamers that waiting for a comfortability for the living room.

With the PlayStation Gold wireless headset, there isn’t much in the box. The headset has a USB RF dongle and a micro USB charging cable. Also, if you’re worried about something like that, there’s a code for PlayStation-themed Fortnite Skin.

playstation gold headset

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset – Totally Looks Like 

For the PlayStation 4 controller, PlayStation Gold wireless headset is leaning on. However it is, this is not useful with other platforms and this is ideal for PlayStation 4.

After a while, one thing becomes very clear; This headset is geared to get out of your way as much as possible – for better and for worse – and a large part of it goes down with the material it was made of.

The PlayStation Gold wireless headset made from plastic cover.  So it is a lightweight accessory that made with a single plastic band covered with synthetic leather. It is tight without problems, and not so much to feel significant pressure.

playstation gold wireless headset review

Here the earphones are rounded and fairly low profile. The end of the earbuds adds a tighter angle. Therefore you can smoothly hear. You will feel more comfortable while using it and after two hours of gaming, even the slightest pressures can be quite intense, which seems to be designed for a narrow range of ears. Here players with glasses can find something very lucrative here.

If you belong to the team with the right ear size you will be more comfortable while using it. PlayStation Gold wireless buttons and switches ring the left headphone. There is a back volume rocker, surround sound button and mic mute button. To adjust the play sound there you can find a power switch and rocker. So you can easily balance sound and chat. Honestly, this is all a little too much. There is no importance for all the buttons. Here the most important thing is,  just wanted to reduce the volume.


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