Love Dark Mode? Then Read All of This and Reconsider


In the latest UI, Dark mode is considered as a trending feature. Almost all the devices that we utilize today have this dark mode in their UI. Dark mode has a long history. Meanwhile, there are some disadvantages to this dark mode.

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Earlier, before the novel technology hit the world, most of the houses had PCs with monochrome CRT monitors. There, a green color text was there on the black screen. In addition to that, earlier, some specific computers were created dedicated to word processing activities only. There the texts were typed in a dark background.

However, later, in the 1980s dark mode reduced the popularity as companies like Xerox and CPT made computers to type black texts on white backgrounds. The main objective behind that was to get a look like ink on paper. But a few years later, again dark mode came as companies like Apple involved greatly to promote this dark mode. Meanwhile, the world is used to it.

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Benefits of Dark mode

An outstanding benefit of the dark mode is that it saves the utilization of energy in devices. Normally, In the OLED panel, it consists of pixels. If the background color of these devices is white, it requires more power as it lights up all the pixels. But when the background is in dark mode, pixels are turned off. Hence the energy consumption becomes low. However, this option is only for OLED screens.

In addition to power saving, it cuts the blue light which is harmful to us. As stated by many health journals, exposure to more blue light can cause to reduce the melatonin secretion. Melatonin is the responsible hormone to have good sleep at night. So, when the amount of melatonin gets reduced, sleeping habits will be hindered. Blue light is mainly emitted from the sun. It is considered as a harmful ray. Though it is mainly emitted by the sun, a small amount of blue light is also emitted from the phones. This particular dark mode cut those rays. However, companies emphasize that dark mode reduces eye strain, enhances visibility, and many more. But that is not true.

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Disadvantages of Dark Mode

It is true that dark mode provides a comfortable condition to see things in the dark. However, it is not wise to do so. As humans, the body and functions of them are adapted to see the things in the day time. Their eyes have adapted to see dark on light. It is very much important for our health to see the papers, phones, and all the things around in day time than night time.

Disorders You May Face

Astigmatism is a disease related to optics. Astigmatism is a common disease in the population. This condition can be seen in various degrees. The people with this disorder have blurred vision and more, they need to put more effort to read white text on dark screens. One can be subjected to this disorder without even knowing. So, it is better to consult a doctor if you think that you have astigmatism. If you feel uneasy when you read things in the dark, you may have some issues and it is good to consult a doctor.

The Mechanism in The Eyes

Medical experts have recommended everybody to read texts on white background. Scientifically there is a reason behind this. White color reflects all the wavelengths in the visible spectrum. When we see the white color, there is no need to widen the iris of the eye more. Therefore, the pupil stays narrow. So, the effort we put to see the things in a white background is less. However, when you try to read and see things in the dark, iris should be widened and hence the pupil should be broad. Therefore, more power should be put to see the things in dark. Eyes are made up of smooth Muscles and they pretend to become more fatigued. So, the functioning of the eye can become low and those can lead to cause many disorders. So, everybody is recommended to see things in light but not in the dark.

Normally, if you used to see things in a dark background, your eyes used to it. So your iris and pupil both get adapted to see the things in the dark. So, at that time, when you see a bright screen, you feel more tired to eyes and you’re will get fatigued quickly this can be related to one our daily example such as when you sleep very calm and comfortable in the bedroom in darker, somebody comes into the room and opens the windows and let the light beams to come to you. At that time, you cannot open your eyes in a proper manner as your iris does not perfectly adapt. So, like with this is the thing behind this dark mode. So, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this dark mode as well.


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