New EMUI Update and Telephoto PiP Mode for Huawei P40 Series


The Huawei P40 has a new software update. EMUI  is the thing that it gives to the P40 and P40 Pro. This includes a picture-in-picture preview interface to the telephone.

This particular new update makes it simpler to perceive the things that zoom during tapping photographs using the zooming lens by adding a review window to the camera application. This particular review interface comes out when zooming is higher than 15x. The novel update enhances the superiority in the images and enhances them with natural colors. This update deletes all the unnecessary individuals from the pictures. More, this update increases the speed of the WI FI and increases the impact on the display. The novel update is in china. However, it can be transferred to other nations quickly.

huawei p series new emui update


March 26 2020 is a turning point for Huawei. Because it released 3 Huawei P40 Flagships. In April month, the Huawei P40 and P40 had a great sale. Likewise, The Huawei P40 Pro Plus probably may have a special sale on June 2020.P40 and P40 Pro released with EMUI 10.1.

So as other flagships, these devices required to get 2 significant software updates during their existing time period. These series do not possess any of the recognizable Google applications or the Google Play Store attributable to the progressing US ban. Rather, the phones include Huawei Mobile Services and the Gallery.

The first and foremost update came the day after the first sale. As indicated by Huawei Central, the update of the March 2020 security will fix the phones. It additionally added a Golden Snap highlight that picks the absolute best capture depending on facial recognition. This feature supports in eliminating additional unnecessary individuals from the pictures.

emui 10.1 huawei p40

What’s more, this update additionally improved the recording of videos, included the Sound Booster, and search My Phone highlights & upgraded the device for a superior function. The next update apparently arrived on April 20. Though this update is present within china, it will move to other nations as soon as possible.

The most recent update includes another AI 50MP camera mode. Better quality photographs can be taken with this mode. The taken photos also able to join and have quality photographs.

This device can be updated in the following steps.

  •       First, go to the settings and navigate to system and update
  •       Then go to the software update
  •       Finally, click  install option.


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